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Welcome to Permanova
We offer laser materials processing production equipment to manufacturing industries.
Our business is based on deep knowledge of the technology and thorough understanding of our customers needs.

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Recent projects
▪ Westinghouse no 2
▪ AlfaLaval Lund
▪ Volvo Aero Corporation
▪ Swenox
▪ Volvo Cars Olofström
▪ LB:s Mekaniska Verkstad
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Permanova Lasersystem receives Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award
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Press release: Permanova delivers a laser station to Volvo Cars in China
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Press release: Permanova delivers a laser station to Volvo Cars in Malaysia
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Systems for Welding

Laser Welding is made at high speed, with minimum heat affection of the

material. Permanova provides solutions for both Laser Welding & Laser Hybrid Welding.

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Systems for Brazing
Laser Brazing is a fast and precise method for joining,
creating a visually excellent joint.

brazing2_80

Systems for Cutting
Laser Cutting is a flexible non-contact cutting method. The Permanova robotic cutting solutions cutting_60
work especially well in 3D, but may also be used on flat material. 

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Systems for Cladding

Laser Cladding allows metal material to build onto the surface of a part.

The material may be supplied as wire or as powder.


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Systems for Marking

Laser Marking is a very flexible and fast way of marking characters and graphics, creating a permanent mark on the part.


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 Permanova Lasersystem AB, Krokslätts Fabriker 30, SE-431 37 Mölndal, Sweden, Phone: +46 31 706 1980, Fax: +46 31 86 46 12, e-mail: info